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GOAL: €2500 / Month

Funded so Far: €811,19 /Month

David Toms is not just a professional photographer, but brings a passion and inspiring energy to his photos. His particular love is weddings, where he uses his inbuilt talent to capture the moment by putting people at ease and taking natural, unforced images. Over the years he has used this talent to shoot thousands of weddings, presenting thousands of brides with fantastic photo memories of their special day.

But it is not just his photos that are stunning – David also has a personality to match and that is why so many of his friends, family, colleagues, clients, brides and fellow photographers were devastated by the news of his accident.

Everyone who knows David knows of his lifelong love of motorbikes and his involvement with the local biking community. However he was not out on a ride when his accident happened but rather working: delivering a cd of photos for editing close to his home.

The freak accident has left him with a spinal injury to the C3, C4 and C5 as well as a broken wrist, broken ankle and shin plus major neurological damage to the body. After six weeks in ICU in Málaga, he has now been transferred since mid August to a specialist spinal injury hospital in Toledo and in the few weeks that he has been there, has been able to leave intensive care as well as begin breathing unassisted and talking.

As is often the case with spinal damage, we do not know how much movement and independence David will regain but for the moment it is one step at a time. To be blunt, David’s injuries have left him quadriplegic, but now is not the time to give up and miracles do happen more and more often with the aid of modern medicine.

Apart from the many long term goals, we need immediate monthly funds to cover the care for David.

This includes

·      24 hour carers to look after David
·      A specially adapted home
·      Medical Bills
·      Specially adapted transport

We know he is a fighter, medical advances and positive support will see him through in the end as well as his strong spirit and healthy living.


Please choose your monthly donation to the David Toms Support Fund. You can pay using your existing PayPal account or by Credit or Debit Card.

FUND 1€ - 10€

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FUND 15€ - 60€

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FUND 75€+

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David has been incredibly grateful for all the support he has received so far through his Go Fund Me page, where he continues to receive funds from people all over the world.

Many people want to donate more and on a more regular basis, but as with many things, life gets in the way and before we all know it, we are 6 months down the line and still haven’t gotten round to it!

Others have let us know they simply can’t afford a large amount per month, but would be happy to share a smaller donation each month if it was a simple process.

And as David’s Support Team we wanted to make sure David gets all of his funding and there are no commissions to be paid to the platform we use.

This is why we have created a Fund Me Monthly account where you can donate as little as 1€ per month towards our monthly goal. This allows you to help David on a regular basis, without having to sign into your account each time. You get to choose from donations as little as 1€ per month, and all of this is automatically charged to your paypal account or credit card each month.

If you wish to cancel your monthly donations, you can always do so by accessing your account or simply clicking the unsubscribe below button:

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